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Kenrick Ellis Defensive Tackle for The Vikings and the Jets Discusses MIS Surgery with Miami Back Specialists staffKenrick Ellis Defensive Tackle Text
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Miami Back and neck specialists staff and Dr. Brusovanik Top Spine SurgeonWe welcome new patients to Miami Back and Neck Specialists 305.587.2611
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The room is Quiet During Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery with Dr. Brusovanik
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Spine surgery done the “classic” way is traditionally done with an open approach, meaning that the surgical area being operated on is opened with a long incision to allow full view and access to the anatomy by the surgeon. In the past recent years, there have been advances in technology that have allowed spinal conditions to be treated with the minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) approach.Dr. Brusovanik Helps CBS4's Eliott Rodriguez Without Surgery 2
Sandra Ciola, a happy Miami Back and Neck Specialists PatientMy back is perfect after minimally invasive discektomy
Adult scoliosis or bending and curving of the spine, happens frequently. With time disks become shorter. Sometimes we notice this change as our grandparents age and lose height. For more information call us at 305.587.2611
Dr. Brusovanik treats the following conditions: Sciatica/Nerve compression, Back and Neck pain, Spinal Cord Compression, Scoliosis, Stenosis, Metastatic Disease, and Spinal Fractures.Dr. Brusovanik Helps World Famous Disk Jockey Rafael Deonate Text
Dr. Brusovanik always attempts to help patients without surgery, but when surgery is indicated, his way of performing surgery minimizes pain and speeds recovery.Dr. Brusovanik helps Dr. Delisa Duncanson MD text
Top rated Spine Surgeon Specialist Dr. Brusovanik and patient R. Donahue PeeblesDr. Brusovanik Helps World Famous Disk Jockey Rafael Deonate Text
Miami Back and Neck Specialist Dr. Brusovanick shows dedication and care to his patientsDr. Brusovanik Helps U.S. Senator Ronald Silver Without Surgery Text
Patient Testimonial From Tim Hardway for Miami Back and Neck SpecialistsDr. Brusovanik is the Go To Back And Neck Specialist
Spine Surgeon Specialist Miami and Victor CamaraVictor Camara undergoes disk replacement with Dr. Brusovanik

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Scoliosis

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September 10, 2015

Lilian, usted tuvo una cirugía hace ocho días atrás.

Para que tuviste la cirugía?
Tuve la cirugía porque tenía mucho dolor en la parte baja de la columna. Se me dormían los dos dedos gordos de los pies y 3 dedos del pie izquierdo.

Y después de la cirugía, inmediatamente cuando usted abrió los ojos, que sintió?
No me dolían los dedos!

No. Y en los 3 dedos ya no volví a sentir la sensación de adormecimiento o anestesia. Me sentí muy bien!

Y ahora que estamos a nueve días después de su cirugía, como se siente?
Muy bien!

Si, gracias!

Estás caminando normal?
Sí! Precisamente hoy vine manejando mi carro. Me siento muy bien. Estoy caminando desde el otro día de la cirugía sin ningún problema y sin tomar pastillas para el dolor. No he tenido dolor! Todo bien gracias a Dios!

Estamos muy felices!
Muchas gracias por su paciencia y al doctor también muchas gracias.

Bueno, gracias!!

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