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Patients are usually in the hospital for 3-5 days following spinal stenosis surgery.The room is Quiet During Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery with Dr. Brusovanik
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Spine surgery done the “classic” way is traditionally done with an open approach, meaning that the surgical area being operated on is opened with a long incision to allow full view and access to the anatomy by the surgeon. In the past recent years, there have been advances in technology that have allowed spinal conditions to be treated with the minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) approach.Dr. Brusovanik Helps CBS4's Eliott Rodriguez Without Surgery 2
Sandra Ciola, a happy Miami Back and Neck Specialists PatientMy back is perfect after minimally invasive discektomy
Adult scoliosis or bending and curving of the spine, happens frequently. With time disks become shorter. Sometimes we notice this change as our grandparents age and lose height. For more information call us at 305.587.2611
Dr. Brusovanik treats the following conditions: Sciatica/Nerve compression, Back and Neck pain, Spinal Cord Compression, Scoliosis, Stenosis, Metastatic Disease, and Spinal Fractures.Dr. Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists Helps World Famous Disk Jockey Rafael Deonate Text
Dr. Brusovanik always attempts to help patients without surgery, but when surgery is indicated, his way of performing surgery minimizes pain and speeds recovery.Dr. Brusovanik from Miami Back & Neck Specialists helps Dr. Delisa Duncanson MD text
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Multilevel Complex Front and Back Spinal Fusion for Deformity

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June 24, 2015

Mr. Pender what were your symptoms before surgery; what were you feeling?
Before surgery, it was just excruciating pain.

Where? Where did you have pain?
The pain was in my right buttocks and it went as far as the back of my right thigh. It did not shoot past the knee, but it was just extremely uncomfortable and unbearable. Sitting as I am sitting now I could not do for more than maybe 2 minutes. It was more comfortable for me to stand or to lay flat than it was for me to actually sit and to move about was just very-very comfortable.

How long were you having those symptoms?
Well, it first started in September of last year and I went to the local doctor back at home in Bahamas and they were treating me for the pain that I have described in my leg, but I was not responding to the treatment and subsequently I described it to all of the doctors as the pain occurring where I put my wallet in my right back pocket and that sort of set the light off that maybe there is something wrong with my sciatic nerve.

How did you feel after surgery?
Initially after surgery, it felt like my truck had ran over me only because of the initial trauma that my body incurred from all of incisions, but the following morning after surgery I got up, I stood up, it was a lot of uncomfortable initially at first, but I found that the more I got up the more I started walking the better my body felt and I just became stronger and stronger. I realized that while the incisions were healing, the best thing for me to do was continued walking, so I continue doing that up to this day, even I have been walking my wife yesterday and you know the more you are up the more you go in the better condition.

How quickly was your recovery after surgery?
Well, my surgery was February 16th last month and today is March 26th and as you can see I am sitting and talking to you very comfortably. I have no more pain and I must say that the pain was gone immediately after surgery.

You are saying immediately after surgery?
Immediately after surgery, the pain that I had before was gone, but the pain that I have experienced is just the pain from I guess cutting and all that from surgery. So to this day I have not felt that pain again.

Are you happy having the surgery?
It is the best thing that I guess one time you know all of my healthcare providers, yourself, Dr. Bursovanik cares, I did not think the results I am experiencing and feeling today would have occurred as quick as this happened.

Were you happy too?
I am extremely happy. You know, I was just encouraged anyone who is having similar symptoms like me being associated with back pain to come and see you guys. You know what you guys have been doing is amazing and you know I have been using my personal experience as a testimony back home at Bahamas explaining to people, look you know if you have any issue, you know Dr. Brusovanik and his staff are the people to see.

Thank you very much.

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