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May 05, 2017

Dr. Brusovanik and Victor Camara discuss cervical disk replacement for neck and shoulder pain and take calls from Victor’s fans on Facebook Live

December 15, 2016

Dr. Brusovanik selected to be Head of Spine Surgery

Dr. Brusovanik was recently selected by the staff of the Miami Medical Center to be the Head of Spine Surgery.

May 01, 2016

The Miami Medical Center

Dr. Brusovanik is proud to announce the opening of a brand new 5 star hospital facility that is covered by insurance where he performs spine surgery.


April 11, 2016

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik is featured on NYFightlife as the physician for the USKBA Action Sports

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik is featured on NYFightlife as the physician for the USKBA Action Sports

April 08, 2016

Dr. Seth Kaufman Joins the Miami Back & Neck Specialists Team

Dr. Seth Kaufman joins the Miami Back & Neck Specialists team to bring the practice to a whole new level of excellence and patient care. Personalized patient care is what sets Dr. Seth Kaufman apart. Dr. Kaufman’s years of experience in helping patients find relief for their pain is unrivaled. Whether you suffer from neck pain, back pain and/or knee pain Dr. Kaufman’s treatment can help. The practice is not only one of the top pain management treatment centers in the industry but also a top Miami pain management treatment facility as well. For more information about Dr. Kaufman visit his Pain Management Miami Website.

February 26, 2015

Mayor Hernandez and Councilman Gonzalez present Dr. Brusovanik with a proclamation, naming Feb 24th, the Dr. Brusovanik Day!

The City of Hialeah presented Dr Georgiy Brusovanik with a Proclamation declaring today February 24, 2015 as Dr Georgiy Brusovanik day in honor of his many contributions to the community. The Proclamation was eloquently presented by the Honorable Councilman Luis Gonzalez who touched on the struggles and adversities immigrants face in their homeland when they decide to come to the United States. Councilman Gonzalez and Dr. Brusovanik are two exemplary leaders in our community who labor with conviction. Today was a reminder that we live in a country of opportunity where regardless of your origins you can achieve anything through hard work.

February 02, 2015

WSVN 7 News: Patients in Pain Cured by Miami Spine Surgeon

Dr. Brusovanik was featured on WSVN 7 News

January 30, 2015

Dr. Brusovanik receives the key to the Miami/Dade county in recognition for all the good he’s doing in the community and how he is changing lives. Click Here to View Full Story on WSVN’s Website

January 29, 2015

Grand opening of our Spine center at Doctors’ hospital

Grand opening of our Spine center at Doctors’ hospital. The center features “relax the back” chairs, free valet and pain management service as well.

December 09, 2014

3 Simple Ways to Alleviate Common Back Pain
Back and neck pain may have a long list of possible causes. However, the most common cause of pain is muscular. If the pain radiates (shoots down to) the arms or legs, there is a strong possibility of nerve compression and a consultation with a spine doctor is warranted. However, for the common back and neck pain try the following simple steps:

1. Low Back Stretching.
This is a direct way to relieve the back spasm. Just like a leg cramp, the long muscles of the back go into a “tetanic” contraction (a spasm) and that is very painful. Flexion and extension stretching is a gray way to start the morning. It re-distributes the blood flow and important minerals such as calcium that are important for smooth contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Stretching also, prepares the muscles for the daily activities so that getting in and out of the car or lifting one’s keys off the floor isn’t painful.

2. Abdominal Strengthening
The human spine is deep inside, almost in the middle of the body. The lower vertebrae work like a fulcrum, or a pivot, and the spine sways with the pull of the abs and the back muscles. If the back muscles over pull, one begins to develop pain due to the compression of the spinal facet joints (intervertebral joints). A strong abdomen counters the pull of the back muscles. A set of a 100 crunches in the morning will immediately set the right tone and you may notice an improvement in back pain with every movement. Avoid lifting the lower back off the floor during this exercise. Focus on abdominal compression while lifting the shoulder blades only. The arms can support the head but avoid flexing the neck.

3. Hamstring Stretching
The hamstrings are a unique group of muscles because they cross two joints – specifically the knee and the hip joint. Most muscles only cross one joint. The hamstrings attach to the bottom of the pelvis, or more precisely deep under the butt cheeks. Therefore, tight hamstrings will pull the pelvis against the muscles of the thighs and legs and that in itself can cause back pain. You may notice that placing a couple of pillow under the knees will improve back pain as well. The reason why that works is that flexed knees and flexed hips result in a relaxed position for the hamstrings. Daily hamstring stretching can be done together with stretching of the Achilles’ tendon which will prevent Achilles tendinitis – a common cause of pain at the bottom of the foot. I like to lean against a wall, and by keeping my knee straight, push the foot into an acute (sharp) angle with the floor.

There are many ways to stretch and to do crunches. It’s always a good idea to seek an opinion of a trainer, a physical therapist or a doctor to make sure the proper technique is used and this may lower the chances of injury. If the pain persists or if the exercises make the pain even worse don’t wait and talk to your spine doctor.

Georgiy Brusovanik, MD
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

August 24, 2014

Dr. Brusovanik to work with Internationally recognized Surgical Center at Doral.

Dr. Brusovanik will perform advanced minimally invasive spine surgery at the Internationally recognized Surgical Center at Doral..

July 11, 2014

Watch our latest Spansih TV Spot

Dr. Brusovanik Spanish TV spot featuring a recent patient testimonial.
Click Here to Watch the Video

May 29, 2013

Dr. Brusovanik gave a lecture in front of the Florida Orthopedic Society

Dr. Brusovanik giving a lecture to the Florida Orthopedic Society regarding the advances in minimally invasive treatment of stenosis and back pain on May 29th in Key Largo, Florida. Click Here to View Image

May 21, 2013

Dr. Brusovanik announces the winner of 2013 Scholarship at the Noche En Honor Al Medico Dominicano

Dr. Brusovanik was happy to announce the winner of 2013 Scholarship at the Noche En Honor Al Medico Dominicano – Dr. Araliia Almeida Taveras! Click Here to View Image

May 08, 2013

ZNS Bahamas on 5/8/2013

April 10, 2013

Dr. Brusovanik Interviewed on Radio Bahamas

March 05, 2013

Dr. Brusovanik was named the Physician of the Month at Palmetto Medical Center.
“It has been a real challenge starting a Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery program at Palmetto Medical Center. I help patients with neck pain that radiates to the shoulders and arms and back pain that is felt down the thighs and legs. However, to perform these intricate surgeries safely, I rely on a large team. I would really like to thank every member of my team. Everyone makes it their first priority to take care of the patients. The nurses, the anesthesiologists, the surgical techs, the radiology techs, the scrubs and my colleagues have dedicated themselves to provide the kind of care that I would want for my family. Thanks everyone for your hard work and dedication!” Click Here for PDF Version

September 25, 2012

Doctor Brusovanik was recently featured on a news radio show.

Doctor Brusovanik was recently featured on a news radio show. During the interview, Dr. Brusovanik discussed the common fear of spinal cord compression and disk herniation; most spinal conditions can be helped with non operative means.

July 07, 2012

Doctor Brusovanik was recently featured in the El Nuevo Herald

Doctor Brusovanik was recently featured in El Nuevo Herald newspaper. Click here to read the Full Article [Spanish]