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Our New Miami Office Welcomes You

Fly In Program

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Are you looking for a world class spine facility and the most advanced micro invasive spine techniques? Do not fear coming to the United States and Miami. Our concierge Fly In Program service will make this as easy as a vacation. We will help arrange transportation from the airport, resort accommodations for any budget and a consultation with Dr. Brusovanik. We work with patients from across the United States, South America, the Bahamas, and locally in our South Florida locations to make the experience as convenient as possible. Together you can figure out if you need an operation. If you do need surgery, together with the doctor, you will discuss and plan the most advanced operation to minimize your pain and return your quality of life.

Countries we have successfully treated patients from:
Venezuela, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, Ecuador, St. Thomas,British Virgin Islands, Argentina, Norway, and Nigeria.

3 Steps to Fly In and get Proper Care

1. The Consultation: + Fly in for a personal consultation and exam: Ideal for the person who can afford to travel and/or who prefers to meet with the doctors and staff before making any decisions. + Virtual Consultation: Ideal for the out-of-town person who can’t make it into the office, or who wants to receive a consultation from the comfort of home. Learn more about the Virtual Consultation. Once our surgeons determine if you are a good candidate for surgery, you will be contacted by our Patient Coordinator. She can discuss fees and other expenses as well as suggest hotel and/or post-operative care accommodations.

2. Scheduling: Once you have determined that you wish to proceed, the scheduling process begins. Your first appointment should take about 2 hours and will be spent in our office covering physical examination, pre and post-operative instruction, and review and signing of all consents. Surgery can then usually be performed in a few days, after a thorough medical check to make sure that it is safe to proceed. The operation is usually performed at Doctor’s hospital or at the The Miami Medical Center, both state-of-the-art medical centers. You will have a private room and we will make sure that the whole family feels comfortable in Miami.

3. Recovery: Patients and family stay and recover at one of many beautiful, 5 star resorts. Patients are usually walking immediately after surgery, but the doctor prefers that the patients stay in Miami for about 7 to 10 days after surgery to make sure that the patients are feeling terrific before they head home. We continue our contact remotely thereafter and the doctor is always available in person as well. You will return home delighted and rested…Everyone will agree, your “vacation” returned your quality of life.

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