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Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, the best spine surgeon in South Florida, is here to treat your back and neck pain. The Dr. treats back pain, neck pain, lumbar disc herniation, cervical disk herniation, Cervical disk herniation and more.
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In early stages of degenerative scoliosis, we can make swollen, irritated nerves better with medicines and injections. Using simple x-ray, we can place a single drop of medicine right on the red and inflamed nerve. This can help with the pain going down the leg and back pain as well. Braces and Physical Therapy do help in selected cases of scoliosis as well. When all else fails, one can think about surgery.Dr. Silver, Dermatology Text
People with spinal stenosis, experience numbness, tingling, and sometimes weakness, heaviness, and discomfort in the buttocks, hips, and legs. Most often, patients will complain of leg and back pain that makes walking long distances very difficult. In most cases, the problem is slowly progressive and does not improve over time.Spine Surgeon Miami Text Title For Stenosis
Sandra Ciola, a happy Miami Back and Neck Specialists PatientMy back is perfect after minimally invasive discektomy
Adult scoliosis or bending and curving of the spine, happens frequently. With time disks become shorter. Sometimes we notice this change as our grandparents age and lose height. For more information call us at 305.587.2611
Top Spine Doctor Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik Miami and Victor CamaraVictor Camara undergoes disk replacement with Dr. Brusovanik top Spine Specialist Of Miami

Dynamic Spondylolisthesis

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