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Patient Testimonial From Tim Hardway for Miami Back and Neck SpecialistsDr. Brusovanik is the Go To Back from Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery The Next Generation In Spine Surgery
You depend on your doctor Miami back and neck specialists is on call 24/7
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Spine surgery done the “classic” way is traditionally done with an open approach, meaning that the surgical area being operated on is opened with a long incision to allow full view and access to the anatomy by the surgeon. In the past recent years, there have been advances in technology that have allowed spinal conditions to be treated with the minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) approach.Dr. Brusovanik Helps CBS4's Eliott Rodriguez Without Surgery 2
Sandra Ciola, a happy Miami Back and Neck Specialists PatientMy back is perfect after minimally invasive discektomy
Dr. Brusovanik treats the following conditions: Sciatica/Nerve compression, Back and Neck pain, Spinal Cord Compression, Scoliosis, Stenosis, Metastatic Disease, and Spinal Fractures.Dr. Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists Helps World Famous Disk Jockey Rafael Deonate Text
Dr. Brusovanik always attempts to help patients without surgery, but when surgery is indicated, his way of performing surgery minimizes pain and speeds recovery.Dr. Brusovanik from Miami Back & Neck Specialists helps Dr. Delisa Duncanson MD text
Top rated Spine Surgeon Specialist Dr. Brusovanik and patient R. Donahue PeeblesDr. Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists Helps World Famous Disk Jockey Rafael Deonate Text
Miami Back and Neck Specialist Dr. Brusovanick shows dedication and care to his patientsDr. Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists Helps U.S. Senator Ronald Silver Without Surgery Text

Back Surgery August 25, 2014

Patients Initials:
V. M.
44 Female
L4-5 Spondylolisthesis Age/Sex 70 F
Type Of Surgery:
L4-L5 Arthrodesis
How soon did you feel relief?
Immediately after surgery
How long were you in the hospital?
2 days
Are you happy you had the operation?
Very Very Happy
Did you have any complications?
Comments About Dr. Brusovanik:
To me he was like an angel brought to my life.I have never had such a caring doctor,he explained everything in detail and assured me i would be ok.
Comments About Staff
Beautiful staff they make you want to come back and visit them daily.
Comments about Hospital:
Doctors hospital was absolutey amazing great nurses.
Additional Comments::
I Thank my primary doctor Dr.Steven Fields for referring me to Dr.Brusovanik, he said he would send me to the best spine doctor
and he sure was right.
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