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We welcome new patients to Miami Back and Neck Specialists 305 587 2611
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Patient Testimonial From Tim Hardway for Miami Back and Neck SpecialistsDr. Brusovanik is the Go To Back from Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery The Next Generation In Spine Surgery
You depend on your doctor Miami back and neck specialists is on call 24/7
Individual Care With The latest Advances In Medicine
Spine surgery done the “classic” way is traditionally done with an open approach, meaning that the surgical area being operated on is opened with a long incision to allow full view and access to the anatomy by the surgeon. In the past recent years, there have been advances in technology that have allowed spinal conditions to be treated with the minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) approach.Dr. Brusovanik Helps CBS4's Eliott Rodriguez Without Surgery 2
Sandra Ciola, a happy Miami Back and Neck Specialists PatientMy back is perfect after minimally invasive discektomy
Dr. Brusovanik treats the following conditions: Sciatica/Nerve compression, Back and Neck pain, Spinal Cord Compression, Scoliosis, Stenosis, Metastatic Disease, and Spinal Fractures.Dr. Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists Helps World Famous Disk Jockey Rafael Deonate Text
Dr. Brusovanik always attempts to help patients without surgery, but when surgery is indicated, his way of performing surgery minimizes pain and speeds recovery.Dr. Brusovanik from Miami Back & Neck Specialists helps Dr. Delisa Duncanson MD text
Top rated Spine Surgeon Specialist Dr. Brusovanik and patient R. Donahue PeeblesDr. Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists Helps World Famous Disk Jockey Rafael Deonate Text
Miami Back and Neck Specialist Dr. Brusovanick shows dedication and care to his patientsDr. Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists Helps U.S. Senator Ronald Silver Without Surgery Text


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Zachary Brandt Professional Equestrian Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Zachary Brandt, Professional Equestrian “I have zero pain!” Zach texted me, After getting off an intense ride on his winning horse, Rosco

“I have zero pain!” Zach texted me, After getting off an intense ride on his winning horse, Rosco

Rohan Oza with Dr 1 Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Rohan Oza, Shark Tank Investor Dr. Brusovanik helps Rohan Oza, businessman, Shark Tank Investor, and marketing expert behind several brands.

Dr. Brusovanik helps Rohan Oza, American businessman, Shark Tank Investor, and marketing expert behind several brands.

Dr. Brusovanik helps Ashley Meehan ranked 1 in the world in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Ashley Meehan, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Dr. Brusovanik helps Ashley Meehan, ranked #1 in the world in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Dr. Brusovanik helps Ashley Meehan, ranked #1 in the world in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

orthopedic surgeon in miami Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Yasiel Puig, Major League Baseball Player Dr. Brusovanik helps Major League Baseball Player Yasiel Puig

Dr. Brusovanik helps Major League Baseball Player Yasiel Puig

Spine Doctor, Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik of Miami Back & Neck Specialists, treats patients with Myelopathy. There are numerous approaches to treat spinal cord disease and it is important to tailor the approach to each patient.
Vitor Belfor, World Champion MMA fighter Dr. Brusovanik helps World Champion MMA fighter Vitor Belfor without surgery.

I meet a lot of Doctors in my life, but my friend Brusovanik is not only a doctor, he is a great friend, and only a great friend can tell us the truth. Thanks for all that you do for your patients.

Vitor Belfor
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Kieran-Gibbs,-professional-football-player visits spine specialist in Miami
Kieran Gibbs, Professional Soccer Player Dr. Brusovanik helps Kieran Gibbs, professional soccer player for MiamiCF and Arsenal

Dr. Brusovanik helps Kieran Gibbs, professional soccer player for MiamiCF and Arsenal

El-Pipita, Gonzalo Higuain, professional soccer player visits Miami spine surgeon
El Pipita Gonzalo Higuain, Professional Soccer Player Dr. Brusovanik and Daisy help El Pipita, Gonzalo Higuain, professional soccer player from MiamiCF and Real Madrid

Dr. Brusovanik and Daisy help El Pipita, Gonzalo Higuain, professional soccer player from MiamiCF and Real Madrid

Yordenis Ugas world champion boxes back pain Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Yordenis Ugas, World Champion Boxer Dr. Brusovanik and world champion boxer Yordenis Ugas

Dr. Brusovanik and world champion boxer Yordenis Ugas

back and neck specialist to the stars in Miami
Brek Shea, Professional Football Player Dr. Brusovanik helps professional football player Brek Shea from InterMiami without surgery.

Dr. Brusovanik helps professional football player Brek Shea from InterMiami without surgery.

spine surgery doctor in miami
Valerie Loureda, MMA Phenom Dr. Brusovanik helps Valerie Loureda, MMA Phenom, get back to 100% without surgery!

Dr. Brusovanik helps Valerie Loureda, MMA Phenom, get back to 100% without surgery!

MMA Phenom Shaheen Santana and Dr. Brusovanik
Shaheen Santana, Pro MMA Fighter Dr. Brusovanik helps MMA Phenom Shaheen Santana

Dr. Brusovanik helps MMA Phenom Shaheen Santana

Read a testimonial for the spine surgeon testimonial by a Miami golfer
Anne Gerstein-Kleinert, Patient "Thank you! You gave me my life back!!!! I am down to 1 pain pill a day! Whenever your wife doesn’t want you anymore tell her you can always come and live with me. My husband said it’s ok!"

Thank you! You gave me my life back!!!! I am down to 1 pain pill a day! Whenever your wife doesn’t want you anymore tell her you can always come and live with me. My husband said it’s ok!

Sincerely, and with so much respect,
Anne Gerstein-Kleinert

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, MD has helped many world-renowned champions with minimally invasive surgery. Don't wait, contact the office of the top Spine Doctor of Miami and book an appointment today at 305.587.2611.
Cezar Ferreira, Ultimate Fighting World Champ Click Here to listen to his experience days after surgery via multiple videos documenting his progress over the course of time post surgery.

Listen to his experience days after surgery via multiple videos documenting his progress over the course of time post surgery.

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Lumbar Surgery Patient Writes on Miami Medical Center Facebook Page:
I just resent had lumbar Surgery with Dr Brusovanik there. Dr Brusovanik he is and Amazing smart young Dr. Surgery went 100 % well. The staff a nd the nurses were very friendly and caring , Endor the physical therapist to was very nice he touk me for a walk every day. The cafefeteria donws there was nice good food. Rooms extremely clean i was very surprised about this place and how nice and caring the nurses were especially Liz the nurse. thank you to all off you it was a great experience. I highly recommend this place.

Cecil Ramirez

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Patient Writes:
Hello Daisy it’s been a while now from i heard from you.

I would love to give a very BIG THANKS to Dr. Brusovanik and his team, honestly I came in to you all with the mind set that what ever happens just happens I said to myself “it couldn’t get worse than it was “because of my prior surgery done in Nassau by Dr. Magnus I gave up on my self the constant pain day in and day out not to mention I didn’t need to have a surgery in the first place the corrective surgery done by doctor Brusovanik is definitely what he said corrective lol he told me “well we need to do a 360 degree on you” and i was like what hell cause I was so upset from the first surgery done in Nassau Bahamas thank God I listen to Dr.

Every since my recover I must say I feel so alive and pain free well if I stand for 12hrs then I feel some discomfort but nothing to talk about that just tells me i need to take a 20 min break lol.

I’m so very grateful that i was fortunate to go with Dr. Brusovanik and his team he is an amazing surgeon and have the right people in the right places very smart doctor I must say I can remember reading the reviews and watching the videos and saying no way this guy can be this good a professional is a understatement he is superb went above and beyond with me very easy to reach and always made time for me.

Come to think about it I have no scars from the front nor the back your awesome.

I can’t express to you how much my life has changed back to normal I feel great thanks so very much may God continue to bless your practice and those hands of yours.

Whenever you all hit Nassau please let me know.

Thanks for my life back,
Bernard Bodir

Dr. Greem a appreciative patient of Miami Back and Neck Specialists
Karl Green, MD Orthopedic surgeon has minimally invasive surgery with Dr. Brusovanik.

Compassionate, Knowledgeable, great personality, Very pleased with results. Surgery was literally a breeze, I would recommend Dr.B without reservation.

– Karl Green, MD
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Tim Hardaway with Top Spine Doctor Dr. Brusovanik from Miami Back & Neck Specialists
Tim Hardaway, Retired Basketball Player, Assistant Coach for the Detroit Pistons "Dr. Brusovanik is the goto back and neck specialist for the professional athletes in my circle of friends." Click Here to learn more about Back Disk Herniation

Dr. Brusovanik is the goto back and neck specialist for the professional athletes in my circle of friends.

– Tim Hardaway
Retired Basketball Player, Assistant Coach for the Detroit Pistons

Top Spine Surgeon Dr. Brusovanik helps professional Jai-Alai player without surgery
Gonzalo Beascoechea Dr. Brusovanik helps professional Jai-Alai player without surgery

Para un Gran Doctor,

Gracias por roso, un abrazo.

Gonzalo Beascoechea
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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery patient writes:
There are no words to accurate describe the level of care and attention I received from Dr. Brusovanik and his incredible staff at Miami Back & Neck Specialists. No stranger to back pain, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and had my first surgery at the age of 17 (thoracic/lumbar spine fusion with CD-rods), back in the 1980s.

Because I had been suffering from back pain for the last couple of years, following a car accident in 2011, I consulted with and was treated by a few orthopedics and orthopedic surgeons, to no avail. Month after month, my back pain just kept getting worst. It was debilitating and I had little to no quality of life. The doctors assured me my pain was muscular in nature and I should continue with the current treatment plan (epidurals, cortisone shots, pain medication, etc.).

Hoping to find any kind of relief and as fate would have it, I met with Dr. Brusovanik in 2014. He reviewed my medical history and immediately identified that the source of my pain was not only due to the progression of my scoliosis, which had extended to the sacrum, but he was also the only doctor who identified the displacement of one of my CD-rods.

A few months later, despite the traumatic experience from my first scoliosis surgery and all the pain management I had already endured over the last couple of years, I was ready to entrust Dr. Brusovanik and his team with my care because in all of my years I had never met a more empathetic, knowledgeable group of people who were truly dedicated to patient care. We scheduled the surgery, which was projected to take about six hours. The surgery took roughly 11 hours due to the actual condition of my spine, which could not have been foreseen through the study of my films. Dr. Brusovanik and his team were incredibly meticulous and wanted to ensure this would be the last spinal surgery I would need.

Today, I am six months post op and while Dr. Brusovanik said my recovery would take six months to a year, I have to say that immediately following my surgery, my initial pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it! And while I am not fully recovered and have other pains to work through related to the surgery, I remain hopeful as I am moving in the right direction. Finally!

I am forever grateful to Dr. Brusovanik and his team; he took the time to study my condition, consulted with medical teams around the world, developed a plan of action and educated me on my options. It was this level of care that made me feel reassured, hopeful and ready take action. Slowly but surely I am reclaiming my life and it is all because of the care and treatment I received at Miami Back & Neck Specialists/Miami Spine Care!

Sonia Aleman
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Spinal Stenosis Spinal stenosis results from new bone and soft tissue growth on the vertebrae, which reduces the space in the spinal canal. When the nerve roots are pinched, a painful burning, tingling and/or numbing sensation is felt from the lower back down to the legs and sometimes all the way to the feet.
Dellareese Dorsett Dr. Brusovanik performs minimally invasive revisions for complications caused by prior open surgery. Motion preservation and minimally invasive surgery are still an option after open surgery. Click Here to learn more about Back Spinal Stenosis.

I came to (Baptist) Doctors Hospital Baptist Health South Florida to have the surgeries done over. It was here I met Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik. Dr. Brusovanik is a Godsend, an angel in human form. He is an awesome doctor. His skills are far to none. I don’t think right now anyone in his field is as good as he is. He’s the best; and the knowledge! His skills are proven when he executes his job.

Dr. Brusovanik treats his patients, not only myself, but also all with such compassion, kindness, and concern…sir, it touches deep in my soul. He treats us people and not just a dollar sign. I am from the islands, and we believe strongly when a person does well or great at what they do, you say it. You tell it, not just in secret, but shout from the mountaintop.

Dellareese Dorsett
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We have a beautiful office located in Hialeah Florida
Z. Rojas

Gracias a dios llegue a la consulta del Dr.Brusovanik Y Jessica para un gran beneficio en mi salud porque llevaba mucho tiempo con un intenso dolor

en mis brazos y cuello después de tanto tratamientos y visitas a emergencia. Hoy puedo decir que me siento muy satisfecha y feliz por el gran éxito que siente en la recuperacion de mi cirugia y sobre todo al cuidado y la atencion de los medicos que me asisterion con mucho cariño

Z. Rojas
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Después de mi accidente en 1/8/2014 estaba tan adolorido que creía no me iva a recuperar. Con el Dr.Brusovanik y las dos cirugias que me hizo a pesar de mis 72 anos estoy como una persona joven

Graciad Dr.
Raimundio Morejon

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Dr. Brusovanik is not only a brilliant surgeon. He is a wonderfully warmhearted human being
Marilyn Gore Minimally Invasive fusion for Back & Hip pain

My name is Marilyn Gore. I have suffered for more than a year with back pain. After therapy treatments with little results,I was referred to Dr.G Brusovanik. It was the best day of my life because after much consultation,we agreed to do surgery. From Jan 5,2015 to present,My entire back has had no pain .I have done chores that i could not do previously. I have gone from waking and sleeping in paint no paint all since my surgery. Thanks to my doctors exceptional work and care i am a new person.

Marilyn Gore
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After 5 years of constant pain the relief is outrageous. Dr.B is a miracle worker.I strongly recommend anyone who has been afraid to take the plunge. I was very afraid and skeptical about it all and now I’m fixed.

Al Salero
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Me and my family are very appreciative of God for putting Dr.Brusovanik in our lives. There are very few doctors that have treated not only me but my family as part of his own family.The day of my surgery he was very caring and compassionate, He told us exactly what to expect after surgery.I thank him for giving me my life back.I will continue to recommend him to everyone who is suffering like i was.

Kenia Lumbe
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Thank you so much for all your help during such a tough time for me .You are an amazing doctor that truly cares for his patients which is hard to come by. I am truly blessed to have you on my side.I have already started noticing results and feel much better.You give me reason to believe in doctors again. Wishing you the best and truly hope to not have to see you anytime soon.

Best wishes
Katy Bird
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Spine Surgeon in Miami Florida Dr. Brusovanik's patients and team
Maria "...this is very rare in Miami, i am truly impressed."

Every time i have phoned your office or visited Dr. Brusovanik, i have received royal treatment. Everyone in your staff is professional, polite, pleasant, as well as cheerful and helpful. Since this is very rare in Miami, i am truly impressed. I know how busy Dr. Brusovanik is, not only doing surgery, but taking care of offices in 3 different locations, and i truly appreciate his sincerity when he has treated me, not only as a patient, but as a person. He explained to me how he gets involved even in the phone calls (incoming & outgoing) and he is on top of every detail. His charming staff seems to agree with this way of handling his practice, because they respond accordingly; they enjoy their jobs, and it shows! We, the patients, may not be in the medical field, but many of us are observant and pay attention to detail. Those of us who have had bad experiences dealing with doctors and/or their staffs and hospitals, are even more grateful and appreciative when genuine kindness is shown. Therefore, i salute Dr. Brusovanik, you (Melissa), Jessica, Christie, daisy, as well as (over the phone) Rina and Annie.

Congratulations and best wishes,

Back pain can make a person miserable. Call us today at 305.587.2611 to improve your quality of life
Hensley Armbrister Minimally Invasive Surgery for Stenosis

I am Hensley Armbrister I am a patient of Dr. Brusovanik since i made contact during the month of November 2014 and during the month of January 2015 where i had surgery.Before Surgery i suffered for fourteen months with back problems with no relief. But now since my surgery i am a new man No aches/pain. I am reborn and thanks to the entire staff they all treated me so well they were patient and explained everything to me ,What a great bunch of fine persons ,I love and thank you all.

Hensley Armbrister
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Patients are sometimes surprised to know that not every issue needs to be corrected with minimally invasive spine surgery
Raimundo Morejon Minimally Invasive Surgery for Stenosis

I am very happy with Doctor Brusovanik and his staff. It is unbelievable how I feel after the surgery. I have no pain at all and I’m able to walk correctly again.

Thank you,
Raimundo Morejon

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Our patients are pleasantly surprised with the warm and professional care Dr. Brusovanik provides
Cristina Rodriguez Minimally Invasive Fusion

I am very satisfied with the doctor and his whole staff. Absolutely all of them!! They are very efficient and patient when it comes to dealing with patients; always willing to help the patients and to clarify any concerns about the surgery. My family and I thank every single member of the staff for always being so nice. I am very grateful to Doctor Brusovanik for his amazing and professional work. I wish you all success. A kiss to all of you and especially to Doctor Brusovanik.

Thank you
Cristina Rodriguez

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Surgery to decompress the spinal canal, i.e. to remove the bone spurs, ligament, and possibly disc that is pinching the nerves, is the only way to “cure” spinal stenosis.
Dr. Burton Silver, Retired Physician My recovery each time was shorter than i expected. I am very pleased with the care i received and feel that Dr. Brusovanik expertise and kind manor helped me to achieve the success i had. Click Here to learn more about Scoliosis .

I’m a 77 year old retired physician. For 1 year I had severe sciatic pain radiating from my right lower back to my right lower leg. I couldn’t walk more than 50 feet before the pain became severe. Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik performed surgery at Doctors hospital in Coral Gables replacing all the disk in my lumbar spine because the degeneration was severe.Procedure was done in two stages.The surgery was very successful.My recovery each time was shorter than i expected.I am now able to walk my dogs up to 12 city blocks per day.I am very pleased with the care i received and feel that Dr. Brusovanik expertise and kind manor helped me to achieve the success i had.

Dr. Burton Silver
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Barbara enjoys her increased quality of life post treatment by Miami Back and Neck Specialists
Barbara Leal Miami, Florida

I have been suffering from neck pain that radiates down to my arms since i was a little girl,I tried everything to alleviate the pain and discomfort and noting worked.
One day i was visiting Dr. Krikorian and he highly recommended Dr. Brusovanik .From that day my on my life changed.I made my appointment and from the first visit he told me he was going to help me. I had surgery December 8,2014 and was discharged December 9,2014 i have been pain free since .I highly recommend Dr. Brusovanik and his staff.They still call me to check on how i am doing,Not many doctors offices care for patients like they do.

– Barbara Leal

Yo Clara Bermudez me encuentro muy satisfecha de las atenciones recibida tanto por las secretarias y el Doctor y la doctora,Como la atencion recibida en el hospital Doctors Hospital,Muy agradecida pro todo en centido general.

Muchas gracias nunca los olvidaremos de todos ustedes,
Clara Bermudez

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Darcel Rudon and Dr. Brusovanik, renowned Spinal Specialists and Surgeon in Miami Back and Neck Specialists South Florida Office
Darcel Rudon Minimally invasive fusion for instability - she walked bent forwards for 8 months before surgery.

The service was excellent Daisy is very peaceful and joyous to deal with. Doctors Was awesome. Thank God for the office and staff of Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik and the team what a blessing.

Lots of Love always,
Darcel Rudon

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Dear Dr.Brusovanik

I’m grateful for all you and your staff did to get me back to health.
Daisy is the best always calling me to make sure how i was feeling at all hours.She is really
something special for you and your patients. Melissa was also incredible,Thank her.

I can’t rate you and your staff because there are not enough stars in the sky!!!
Thank you Jessica and entire staff.The best in the world!!!

Nilda Alonso

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November 15,2014…..What a beautiful day! After a wonderful night of dancing at my brother’s wedding we arrived at home at 1:30 in the morning. I entered the bathroom and as i exit i see my husbands shoes. The shoes he wore that night with his suit.Those shoes spoke to me that day.I began to shed tears down my face with great joy.Those were the shoes my husband wore on July 27,2014 at his cousins child baptisim. On that day he became incapable of feeling his toes ,incapable of moving his leg,moving, getting in and out of bed, dressing himself and began suffering great pain he couldn’t tolerate sitting ,laying down, walking and nothing seemed to ease his pain.I saw the pain he experienced like never before. I struggled to do everything in my power to relive his pain ,but nothing helped.I knew he would be healed.I knew god was watching over him and hearing my prayers. But i still wondered what would come of his situation and when would my husband be healed. We prayed for guidance every night and trough out the day.We knewgod would speak to us soon.As the days went on and my husband layer in bed,he got word of a spinal surgeon by the name of Dr.Brusovanik we weren’t ready for surgery and honestly very afraid .After consulting with a good friend,we came to find he two recommended Dr.Brusovanik. Could god be guiding us? Could this be the path he wanted us to take?We began to to feel hope. Dr.Brusovanik gave us a sense of confidence and of ease.He made us feel comfortable and exuded great knowledge. I thank God everyday for giving Dr.Brusovanik such great talent and for the excellent recovery my husband has achieved.

Dr.Brusovanik thank you so very much for all your support and for the successful surgery .My husband and i want to send you,your family and your practice many blessings your way .We are very grateful and joyful you came into our lives.

Sincerely with great Respect,
Patricia & Michael

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International and local clientele seek treatment at Dr. Brusovanik's office for back pain related to spinal derangement and neurological pain that is felt down the legs or arms. Contact our South Florida at 305 747 7343 today!
Sandra Ciola Coral Gables, Florida

“I am sending this picture to you as a thank you card for gave me the green light and the support the finish the training for the NYC Marathon. I finished and my back is perfect!!

Thank you again!”
Sandra Ciola

Merinda Swan, best known for her leading role in Marvels In humans and opposite Dwayne Johnson on HBO's Ballers and Dr. Brusovanik
Serinda Swan From Graceland & Breakout Kings

He saved my back! The Spine Doctor said “No spine surgery!”

Serinda Swan

Now I can do whatever I want to do. Thanks to Dr. Brusovanik!!!

Anthony Ferraro

La operación fue un exito y el trato fue excelente.  Gracias al Dr. Brusovanik, no tengo dolores en mi esplada ni en las piernas, y puedo caminar de nuevo.

Pedro Taibo

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdecompression This minimally invasive procedure is used to remove overgrown vertebral bone and soft tissue to relieve the compression of nerve roots in the lumbar spine. It is performed through a small incision on the back.
Yohanni Canellas Miami, Florida

Thank God for Dr. Brusovanik. The surgery was a complete success.

Yohanni Canellas

My experience with Dr. Brusovanik and the Miami Back and Neck Specialists team was exactly what you look for when seeking medical attention & advice.  Dealing with this particular injury was very difficult, as there was no definite answer to how to solve the problem.  After seeing multiple other doctors, neurologists & specialist.  I can say that my experience here was the best of any.  Quick service, easy appointment scheduling, and attention in the examination room that made me feel that the doctors and staff truly cared about my personal well-being..….you don’t always get that in today’s day and age.  Thank you everybody for all you help over the past coupe of months. I appreciate and value you work.

Kris Kimball

Our patients testimonials reflect on the quality care Miami Back and Neck specialists provides. We provide quality care with positive results
Jay Passerino Miami, Florida

In today’s world, receiving quality medical care is hard to come by and can be a very frustrating search, at best.

Finding Dr. Brusovanik, who specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, was a restoration of my faith in the medical community!

His knowledge and professionalism is only surpassed by his personal interest, care and unique insight into his patient’s physical and mental challenges. He is an extremely proactive practitioner of the medical arts and his body of work, testimonialized by his peers and patients, is indicative of the care you also will receive.

To make matters better, Dr. Brusovanik has surrounded himself with an amazing staff that are a true reflection of his positive vision. 

I’m a 33 year old, healthy, active male.  Over the last couple of years I was experiencing chronic back and sciatic nerve pain due to a herniated disc in my lower back.  The pain was excruciating and would not subside since my nerve was essentially pinched. 

Dr. Brusovanik explained to me in great detail all of my options and we agreed on a course of action to take in regards to my specific situation.  Ultimately, I moved forward with surgery in December of 2013.  I was never once concerned about my well being as I knew I was in great hands.  Dr. Brusovnik treated me as if he were treating his brother or close family member.  He followed up with me numerous times after my procedure and I also was able to contact him personally if I ever needed anything or in case of an emergency.  Having that option was a very comforting feeling for me. 

The results speak for themselves – I followed his post-op instructions and was back to walking a few days after surgery.  Fast-forward 7 months and I’m back to feeling almost 100% – working out and back to leading an active lifestyle.  Each day when I wake up, I have Dr. Brusovanik to thank for being able to go about my daily routine in a normal fashion once again.   

Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Brusovanik to anyone who is experiencing issues with their back and/or neck. 

– Jay Passerino

If you are suffering from back and neck pain please don;t delay and contact Miami Back and Neck Specialists today
Troy Giesselman Miami, Florida

Dr. Brusovanik was extremely knowledgeable and professional.  He talked me OUT of having surgery!

– Troy Giesselman

At times we get so caught up in our lives that we forget to respond from our hearts too. Those who have touched our lives in their own special way. With this in mind its important that you recieve recognition and gratitude you so greatly deserve. Thank you.

1) for being there for me when i needed you. You’re appreciated for what you’ve done and its comforting to know that your heart was in it.

2) Doctors like you make a difference in patients lives in the world, i ask God that you never change and that he will bless you always in what you do, and give you health, love, money, and happiness for you and your family. I also ask God that you never stop caring or making a difference….I thank you. with a little something. Hope you like it!!!

From Patient
Maria Perez
You have a great Staff!!!!

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We really want to thank you, the staff and especially Dr. Brusovanik. We received a call from a patient stating he saved her life. She wants to make certain we were aware of the level of professionalism and excellence this physician displayed. Please forward this along to him and your staff, we really appreciate the great level of service that is provided to our patients here at Doctors Hospital.

Cristina M. Rodriguez, MHSA
Physician Relations Specialist
Doctors Hospital
Baptist Health South Florida

Patient Interview After Surgery (Spanish)

Very professional and kind ,cares about his patients. Very compassionate ,he did a wonderful job on my c spine and would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of surgery.

Dr.Brusovanik staff cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff,everyone caring,professional ,helpful! They couldn’t do enough for me. They are all very friendly
[ Click Here to view Original Copy ]

Hands down, the experience was what I needed. I had lower lumbar spinal surgery. Fusion on my L5 and S1. At first I was afraid, since I had seen and heard horror stories from others as to their experience with spinal surgery. I met Dr. Brusovanik during my stay at Miami’s Doctor’s Hospital. I was there to receive an ESI for my degenerative spinal disease. From the initial meeting, I felt a welcoming personality with the doctor. He is young, but, very smart and is highly specialized in the field. Go in with trust! I have bounced back tremendously from surgery. Immediately able to walk again normally without limping. The nerve compression on the right leg was immediately fixed. Only pain I felt was the initial pain after surgery in the hospital, but once I went home, no pain. I never took a single pain medication. I survived on Tylenol and Advil. Within 3 weeks after surgery, even better. By the 4th week after surgery, I was back to work and wearing 5 inch heels. KUDOS!
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Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik is a spine surgeon in Miami, Florida. Recognized as a leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, Dr. Brusovanik’s goal is to reduce your pain and return you to your normal activities as soon as possible. If you are suffering from chronic neck or back pain, scoliosis or a herniated disc and you are in the Miami area, do not hesitate to contact any of their 3 locations. At Miami Spine Care, his amazing staff will assist you and give you the personalized attention you deserve. As a patient of Dr. Brusovanik I am entirely happy with his service and trust him with my eyes closed.

Alexander Carballo
Miami, Florida
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I would first like to say that this doctor and his entire staff are amazing to say the least. I was in chronic pain due to a disk herniation since December of last year. My new year’s eve consisted of laying on my side and barely able to stand up for a hug. I’ve never felt so horrible in my life. After visiting Dr. Brusovanik for the first time, I had a feeling of relief due to his mannerism. He made me feel comfortable from the beginning and really felt as if he cared as if I was a family member. He saw my hesitation for surgery, since I already had a surgery for my back about 5 years ago, and gave me every option leaving surgery for the very last. He kept in contact through all my procedures and had followed up with me throughout all my hospital visits. Finally when I had surgery on April 2013 I had never felt like my old self until that very same day after waking up from the operation. He came to my room right after surgery to make sure I was ok and kept my family calm after a thorough explanation of what went on throughout the surgery. My entire family praised the good doctor like they’ve never praised any type of medicine before. After a couple of months of recovery I can happily say that I am back to my normal day to day routines. I am exercising and living my life again all thanks to Dr Brusovanik. If I could give him more stars I would make them infinite. If anyone has any kind of back pain or any type of herniation, please make sure you visit this doctor as soon as possible. I can assure you that you will never regret speaking to his much helpful staff as well as Dr. Brusovanik’s caring demeanor. He truly does care of all his patients and shows that he has the means to become the best doctor I have ever met in all of Florida by far.

David Reinoso
Miami, Florida
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Dr. Brusovanik is my savior thanks to him i walk and i am pain free. His staff is the most pleasant, attentive staff i have encountered at a doctors office.

Hialeah, Florida

I was intervened surgically by Dr. Brusovanik on May 29, 2013. Since about 30 days I was suffering appalling pains and an absolute inability to use my legs. The next morning of the operation (After the operation) my pains were gone and then I started walking. The results of the operation by Dr Brusovanik have been so good that to qualify it, I would have to create an adjective that means much more than wonderful. Right now I’m trying with Dr tailoring treatments postoperative, doing rehabilitation exercises ect. I must also thanks his staff for their professionalism and high quality.

Jose Cruz
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Para mi es el mejor del mundo.

Hilda R
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Dr. Brusovanik, you have been a blessing from god! Ernie and I look forward to a long freindship with you.

All our best,
Patricia & Ernie
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With great appreciation for your skill and my thanks for the personal attention you have give me. Dr. Brusovanik, Your knowledge, great work and kindness will always be appreciated.

Muchas Gracias,
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Just wanted to say Thank You to the entire staff at this facility. Dr. Brusovanik office is always focused on ensuring we, as patients are completely taken care of and satisfied.
I also wanted to personally Thank Dr.Brusovanik for his professionalism and diligence that helped me with my speedy recovery. I am very pleased with results.

With kind regards.

I.Garret Gru.

It’s a miracle! i started walking the following day of the surgery. The greatest best doctor ever!
Maria T. Barosela

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I hae been in excrutiating pain associated with numerous issues for years. After a major spine surgery 5 years ago, the decision to undergo another spine surgery was not an easy one. I met with Dr Brusovanik and, after a lengthy consultation, was impressed, not just by the depth of his knowledge, bt by his compassion and sincerity. I had 3 other opinions and no one gae me the level of comfort that I received from Dr Brusovanik. My surgery was more extensive than originally planned, was 9.5 hours. This Surgeon was there every day, texting numerous times to my wife, calling within minutes of a message. No question or concern was too much. he never made us feel we were bothering him. He consulted with my previous Dr prior to my surgery, brought in every Dr needed to consult and be part of the team (pain, etc). I am 10 days out and walking a few times a day…. Not only is this man one of the brightest, kindest Drs I hae ever met, but his office staff is second to none. I hope I never need him again, but if I ever need surgery, I would only go to Dr Brusovanik.

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If there was a 1 to 10 scale to evaluate what Dr: Brusovanik and his amazing staff at Miami Spine Care did for me i would rate them a 20 or higher. When i met the doctor not only was I in pain but also depressed because I was 38 years old and could no longer do anything on my own anymore, the doctor treated me like a one of his family members and very conservatively he tried every method possible to avoid surgery and tho that was inevitable I’m glad that it was the last option on the table, today one month after everyday is better then the one before.. I’m looking forward to my recovery and I’m extremely graceful for everything that the doctor and his loving staff did and continues to do throughout my recovery… Been planing a hike for a year now and can’t wait to get on the trail..

Thank you ,
Alexander Aguiar
Miami, Florida
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Dr. Brusovanik is simply an OUTSTANDING doctor. After other surgeons suggested fusions, he advised against it. Surgery was on November 8, 2012, and I am 80 % better. No pain and was able to resume my daily routine 4 weeks later. He is simply fantastic, caring, personable and his staff gave excellent customer service. I thank him, my family thanks him. Great Surgeon…I highly recommend him.

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This review is from the perspective of someone who has recently had their 10th arthritis related surgery. This was on an emergency basis and had potentially life threatening consequences. It was my first experience with this surgeon, Dr. Brusovanik. He made me feel like I was part of his family. You could not ask for a more concerned physician, better care or a more skilled/talented surgeon. His office staff mirrors his attitudes and deep involvement in your care and full recovery. He has my highest recommendation.

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I was referred to Dr. Brusovanik by my primary care physician after MRI results that raised some concerns regarding my cervical spine. I was not looking forward to this visit, as I have heard that some specialists can be too quick to recommend surgery when there are other forms of treatment available for the patient. I reviewed his impressive credentials, and resigned myself to this one visit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Brusovanik was not one of these doctors. He was very thorough in explaining the results of the MRI, and therapies available to treat my condition. He also went over possible scenarios for the future, which may or may not include surgery. He was also familiar with McKenzie physical therapy, with which I have been having good results treating my cervical spine issues. I left feeling confident that I found a doctor that I can trust to provide me with ongoing spine care.

Regina J.
Miami, Florida
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He was great. Really meticulous and friendly–got me back on my feet right after I left his office and checked in with me routinely afterwards to make sure all was well. Highly recommend.

Abraham Truzman
Miami, Florida
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Dr. Brusovanik is thorogh and indepth with what really matters always looking in You best interest. Not Your average Doctor, much better. I highly recommend Him!

Bobby Maha
Miami, Florida
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Excelente ha sido la atencion de todo el personal de la oficina. El Dr. Brusovanik excelente professional, extremadamente humano, excepcional!
Dr. Dania Chiong, MD

He is the Best and Most Caring and knowledgeable Dr. I feel very safe and secure with what he tells me. I am the lucky patient.
Rita Kessler, Aventura Fl

My experience with Dr. Brusovanik and his staff was extremely pleasant. The doctor was very clear with his explanation on my husband’s knee surgery. He was not rushing us to make any decision. He was very personable and professional and made us feel very comfortable. His staff was available at what ever time I called and the Dr. did call me back himself, which is very rare nowadays. My husband and I are very pleased with Dr. Brusovanik and his staff.
Victoria Holmes, New Haven CT

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анонимный пациент, Miami Florida

Nothing short of superior. I believe this is the first review I have ever written about anyone or any business but I felt it necessary after the awful experience I had with so many other doctors. Some of whom were supposed to be the above and beyond “the best” but who fell far far short of my expectations.

I moved here about a month ago and ashamed to admit that I did not do my homework when it came to finding a new doctor down here. I was fortunate to come upon an urgent care facility in Hollywood who’s doctor recommended I see Dr. Brusovanik. After reviewing his credentials I was impressed but still hesitant. I am not your average patient, I am the daughter of a highly respected retired heart surgeon who was and still is incredibly respected by his peers and most importantly ADORED by his patients. Therefore, I do not accept sub-par medicine or doctors. They can have all the credentials in the world but if I don’t feel 100% comfortable and I good hands when I leave their office, I will not go back.

Dr. Brusovanik has a golden combination of “new school” and “old school”. He is clearly rock solid in his knowledge of the latest and greatest techniques while still maintaining the tried and true “old school” methods and most of all, bed side manner. He is kind, compassionate, and extremely competent. He listens to you and will talk to you and with you, not AT you. He is humble enough for you to relate to him but also very sure of himself so that you feel like you are in good hands. I can’t say enough good things about this man. Please, if you have any issues with your spine, see him first and judge for yourself.

My sincere thanks,
Maida Wallsh, West Palm Beach Fl

Dr. Brusovanik is thorough and in-depth with what really matters and is always looking out for your best interest. He is Not your average Doctor. I highly recommend Him!
Bobby M., Miami Florida

Doctor Brusovanik belongs to a generation of doctors from 35 years ago – they just don’t make them like this anymore! The Doctor made me feel like I was not bothering him and he explained everything in detail. He is very professional but at the same time he is non-intimidating and I felt comfortable asking him whatever was on my mind. I felt like the Doctor went out of his way to make me feel this way. I felt safe with him. In 2005 I had a problem with a surgery and I swore I would never have another surgery, till now. The whole staff made me feel like family. Every word I’m telling you is from the bottom of my heart.

Adilia V.,
Miami, Florida